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    Mission Statement

    To provide all community members learning opportunities which develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to become contributing members of society; and do this by utilizing available resources and creating productive partnerships.

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District News

2017-2018 School Fees Jan 18, 2017

http://www.besd.net/district/documents/school fees 2017-2018.pdf

Box Elder School District Designates Dates for Snow Day Make-up Jan 12, 2017

At the regular Board meeting held on Wednesday, January 11, the Box Elder Board of Education discussed snow day make-up options for the current school year. Superintendent Tolman suggested one option using March 3rd as the last day of school for second trimester instead of a teacher workday, add April 5th as a third day for spring break and move the last day of school to May 31st rather than May 26th. This would afford two school days after the Memorial Day vacation which may increase the value to those days as opposed to just having one day after Memorial Day. This option would provide a simple way to add additional days, if made necessary by more weather related school closures. The Board had a lengthy discussion about this topic, considering a variety of options. They discussed impact on staff and family plans, impact on graduation dates already scheduled, impact on student attendance and school work.  January 16 was considered but due to the lack of time for advance planning that day was not selected as a viable day.  After an extended discussion the Board directed that February 20th and March 3rd will be the makeup days in order to maintain the integrity of second trimester and provide what they believe will be the best opportunity for the make-up days to have an instructional value.  The Board understands that there may be staff and families who have made plans for February 20 and the Board is hopeful that with the advance notice folks can make some adjustments.  It is understood that some may be unable to make the changes.  In that case, staff may need to use vacation or personal days and families may need to make arrangements in advance for any absence.  Of course, if it becomes necessary to cancel school for any more days, additional arrangements for make-up days will need to be made. 

DLI Application Jan 01, 2017

Apply now! Box Elder School District is currently accepting applications for the Dual Immersion programs (more information here). We have four schools offering dual immersion: Garland Elementary (Spanish); Lake View Elementary (Spanish); Willard/Three Mile Elementary (Spanish): and Foothill Elementary (Chinese). Open enrollment ends March 3, 2017. If we receive more applications for any one program than we have space available, the placement of students in that program will be determined by a district lottery. The Dual Immersion application form is available by logging into the Passport system. Your student's ID# is required to access the Passport system, if you need help getting your child's student ID#, please contact your child's school.

Approved 2017-2018 Calendar Dec 15, 2016

The School Board approved the following calendar for the 2017-2018 school year.  http://www.besd.net/district/calendars/2017-18 Calendar approved.pdf

LEAP Applications Dec 13, 2016

Box Elder School District is now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 4th grade Learning Enrichment Activities Program (LEAP) cohort. Applications can be submitted by parent/guardian, teacher, counselor, administrator, peer, or self. All applications are due by January 24, 2017 and can be submitted to any elementary school principal. Additional information can be found on the Curriclum page on our website.

2016-17 School Fees Aug 15, 2016

http://www.besd.net/district/documents/school fees 2016-2017.pdf

Box Elder School District School Attendance Procedures Aug 11, 2016

In an attempt to improve student performance and achievement, as well make the educational experience enjoyable and helpful, the teachers, administrators, and school board will be implementing several important changes regarding attendance during the 2016-17 school year.  These changes will unify practices between schools and help students and families make the most of their time in school.  These changes also bring our school practices in line with existing Utah State Code 53A-11-101 (Compulsory Education).

Absences (Valid/Not Valid)

Box Elder School District will now be using the terms Valid and not Valid rather than excused and not excused.

  • Valid excuse - an illness (medical and dental appointments), a death in the family, an approved school activity, absences associated with 504 or IEP plans, and pre-arranged absences.
  • Not valid excuse - Any reason (other than valid reasons) a student does not attend a class period (secondary) or a complete school day (elementary).

Tardies and Check-ins

Box Elder School District will now define tardies and check-ins differently than before.

  • Elementary Schools
    • Tardies: Students arriving up to 15 minutes after the bell rings will be sent directly to class and marked tardy by the teacher.
    • Check-ins: Students arriving more than 16 minutes after the bell will be checked-in at the office and proceed to class with a call slip.
  • Secondary Schools
    • Tardies: Students arriving to an individual class period up to 10 minutes after the tardy bell rings, or arriving late to school without a valid excuse.
    • Check-ins: Students arriving to school late with a valid excuse.

Excessive Absences

Box Elder School District will identify students who are missing school without a valid excuse and work with these students and families to improve attendance.  Schools will use the following protocol to improve attendance:

  • 5 Absences (no valid excuse)

Schools will send a standard district letter regarding student absences.

Schools may make additional phone calls or meetings with parents and students.

  • 10 Absences (no valid excuse)

Schools will send a standard district letter regarding student absences.

Schools will schedule a meeting with an administrator, parent/guardian, and students.

Schools will develop an attendance contract with students and/or parent/guardian.

  • 10 Absences (with or without valid excuse)

Schools will send a standard district letter regarding student absences.

Schools may schedule a meeting with an administrator, parent/guardian, and students.

Breach of Contract/Failure to Meet with School Administrators

In the event that an attendance contract is breached, or parent/guardian and student fail to attend a scheduled meeting with School Administrators; a court referral may be made, as well as a referral to the Division of Family and Child Services for educational neglect.  It is never the intention of teachers, administrators, or school board of Box Elder School District to bring legal action against any family; it is our wish to work with ALL families and students.


Box Elder School District does not discriminate against their students or employees on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Assistant Superintendent/Personnel
960 S. Main, Brigham City Utah 84302
435-734-4800 ext. 105