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Vocabulary Words – Fifth Grade

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1associative property alliteration abolition attract
2commutative property analogy acquisitions chemical
3composite bold face child labor circuit
4corresponding angles caption chronology conclusion
5distributive property cliché citizen conductor
6evaluate colon civil rights deposition
7exponent communicate colonies dissolve
8greatest common factor distinguish common good evidence
9improper fraction essay democracy fault
10inequality fantasy depression geology
11integer figurative language documents inherit
12least common multiple formulate drought instinct
13mathematical symbol generate emergence insulator
14mean idiom executive interpret
15median interpret Federal Government landform
16mixed number intonation government bonds magnetic field
17mode italics Homestead Act matter
18order of operations media human rights permanent
19percent metaphor immigration physical
20prime narrative judicial plate tectonics
21range outline legislative process
22right prism persuasive new world reactant
23scalene prefix patriot repel
24surface area punctuation process of passing a law similarities
25symbolic representation scan prohibition species
26three dimensional shape science fiction rationing static charge
27variable suffix Revolutionary War substance
28vertex transitional words suffrage temporary
29volume Venn diagram transcontinental trait
30x and y axis vivid westward expansion variation

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