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Vocabulary Words – First Grade

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1addition base word/root word cafeteria air
2capacity blend consequences balance
3data complete sentence contribute chart
4difference compound crosswalks cloud
5dollar consonant custodian compare
6equal to contraction democratic computer
7graph decode describe earth
8greater than  detail features float
9hexagon digraph (sh, th, wh, ch) future flower
10hour expression groups freezing
11length fiction lakes gas
12less than high-frequency leader growth
13measure incomplete sentence litter heat
14number line label materials leaf
15number sentence list neighborhood liquid
16order main idea (non-fiction) parks observe
17parallelogram non-fiction patriotic rain
18pictograph problem peers root
19plane figure proper noun perform science
20rhombus punctuation predict seed
21skip count segment principal sink
22solid figure sequence resources snow
23sum setting responsibility soil
24table sight words roles solid
25tally mark solution secretary stem
26temperature spelling sequence temperature
27time syllable streams thermometer
28trapezoid vowel tasks thunder, lightning
29value (money) word endings technology weather conditions
30weight word family terrain wind

Last update: August 24, 2009

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