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Vocabulary Words – Fourth Grade

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1acute abbreviation attributes adaptation
2area adjective characteristics anemometer
3cluster adverb citizenship barometer
4coordinate base word climate bedrock/parent material
5decimal cause constitutional government cirrus
6diameter complex sentence county condensation
7division conventions cultural development conglomerate
8dozen dialogue diverse groups coniferous
9equivalent draft division of labor cumulus
10gram effect dwellings deciduous
11hundredths encyclopedia elevation desert
12intersecting fluency establishment erosion
13liter genre explorers evaporation
14obtuse heading geographic forecast
15outlier homonyms governor forest
16perimeter idiom hemisphere impression
17perpendicular index immigration invertebrate
18probability mystery inhabitants meteorologist
19radius pronoun latitude mineral
20ratio quotation  longitude mineral replacement
21reflection realistic fiction mileage precipitation
22region report pioneers preserved organism
23remainder research political boundaries stratus
24rounding sequence refuge subsoil
25similar simile religious freedom topsoil
26simplify simple sentence representative  trilobite
27square number summary timeline vapor
28symmetry syllabication transcontinental vertebrate
29tenths thesaurus trappers weathering
30translation word choice work ethic wetland

Last update: August 24, 2009

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