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Vocabulary Words – Kindergarten

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1above alphabet celebrate adult animals
2add/join author community helpers baby animals
3attribute beg/mid/end compare plant
4below beginning (sound) courage living
5between capital (upper-case) different food
6calendar character emergency fall (autumn)
7circle ending (sound) family season
8clock front/back friendship spring
9dime illustrator future summer
10estimate left/right globe winter
11far letter name height weather
12fewer letter sound hero space
13graph listen honesty day
14growing pattern lower-case map night
15length make believe needs sun
16more name past shadows
17near onset/rime Pledge of Allegiance light
18nickel phoneme present dark
19number predict responsibility hear
20penny punctuation routines senses
21repeating pattern question rules sight
22set real (life) same smell
23shape retell shelter taste
24shorter rhyme tools touch
25size sentence traditions rocks
26sort sight word wants build
27square syllable water sand
28subtract/separate title  non-living
29triangle top/bottom  
30weight word  don't alphabetize list

Last update: September 24, 2010

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