When We Meet

The next Board Meeting will be May 13, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. at the Independent Life Skills Center and virtually.

Scholarship Donors

Thank you to the scholarship donors!  They are: Cal & Reva Wiggins, The Odd Fellows, Ronda and Martel Menlove, Linda Kuwana, the late Heber Lynn Orme, the Timothy Richards Scholarship, the Ross and Bonnie Rudd Scholarship, the Foundation Scholarship in Memory of Dale W. Young, the Lowell & Colleen Sherratt Scholarship, the Class of 1965 Scholarship, the Wanda Larsen Scholarship, Kaiser-Page Scholarship, the Carl Ashby Scholarship, the Jessica Ann Stokes Memorial Scholarship, the Beth Gurrister Scholarship, and the Ken and Nancy Kennedy Family.


Your donation to the foundation will complement the school district's financial resources to enrich the education of our young students in the fine arts, science, and technology.

Your cash contribution may be fully tax deductible and will assure that these programs continue. Please take a moment to include Box Elder School District Foundation in your financial planning.