If a student receives a "Pink Slip" from the school bus driver:

  1. If part "A" is marked, this is just a notification that the student has not followed the safety rules and is at risk of losing their riding privilege. The rules should be reviewed by the parent/guardian with the student, the "Pink Slip" signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the school bus driver so the student may resume riding the school bus.

  2. If part "B" is marked, the student has been dismissed from the school bus. A meeting must be arranged by the parent/guardian with the principal, the school bus driver and the student. This meeting is to discuss why the student was dismissed from the bus and what the student must do to regain their riding privilege.

  3. If this is a second or third "Pink Slip" the student might lose their busing privilege for a considerable amount of time before returning.

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