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Bear River High STEM Information

Mr. Brady at BRMS holds chess club every day after school.

 Janette Tomkinson at BRMS teaches coding after school with a program through Bridgerland.  She can provide more details about what she does.

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USU STEM Information

USU Engineering State link:

Registration begins Jan 1, 2023,  The website says that this year they are doing 2 sessions, June 20-21 and June 22-23.  Engineering state is meant for students between their Junior and Senior year of high school.

USU Science Unwrapped:

This is a month free program for families that includes a lecture on a science topic and an activity.  Their website also has videos and activities to do at home.

Marci Borg, the USU 4H agent in Box Elder County has recommended the schools here look into Infinidi learning at

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STEM Identity Resources for Women and Girls

STEM Identity Resources for Women and Girls

Why are there so many fewer women in STEM occupations than their male counterparts? Especially since, according to the National Student Group scores, girls are actually just as good at math as boys in eighth grade tests, and actually perform better than boys in science and engineering. It comes down to identity and confidence, and this resource will provide you with the ability to help build a girls’ STEM identity from adolescence to adulthood. 

Women in STEM jobs are increasing in numbers, but there is still a long way to go for equity. Keeping young girls engaged in science, technology, engineering and math from a young age, and avoiding the typical ‘drop off’ that happens to girls around the world in STEM will create a more equitable STEM workforce.


Why Art is a Necessary Aspect of STEM Education and Practice

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Navigating the Challenges of Women in STEM & Gaming