College and Career Awareness

College and Career Awareness is a 7th Grade Course that broadens a student's scope of learning and assists him or her in developing intellectual, social, technical, and academic skills that will be beneficial throughout life. This course helps students identify Career Pathways to help guide their course choices in middle school and high school. Students will also explore post high school training choices and options.

College and Career Awareness is Utah's introductory level Career and Technical Education Core Curriculum for over 921 seventh graders in intermediate schools in our district. Through activity-based curriculum, students are exposed to careers in the following content areas:

  • Agriculture

  • Business

  • Career Development and Guidance

  • Health Care

  • Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Marketing

  • Personal Finance

  • Technology and Engineering


College and Career Awareness is designed to help students learn more about themselves and more about the world of work. Students develop knowledge and skills, explore and expand on their self-understanding and relate their understanding of employment possibilities to their interests. For more information visit the USBE CCA Website.