We are a Public & Special Education Preschool run by the Box Elder School District. We are located throughout the district in five elementary schools: Fielding Elementary, Golden Spike Elementary, McKinley Elementary, North Park Elementary, and Willard Elementary. We serve children with special needs and typically developing (mainstream) children ages 3-5. Our program provides an individualized, fun and structured environment that strengthens each child's speech, language, math, physical, literacy, social, and emotional skills. The program follows a research based curriculum designed to prepare children to enter elementary school.

For more information contact the preschool secretary,
Tina Herbert

Which preschool would my child attend?

Mainstream tuition payment links:

Tuition Students

Are you interested in having your child attend our preschool as a tuition student? Students need to be between 3-5 years old and be potty trained during the day (is in underwear with infrequent accidents).

Please contact the individual school your child would attend (see map) or Preschool Secretary Tina Herbert at 435-538-1575 to be determine if there is available space in the classrooms, or to put on a waiting list.

  1. Contact Preschool Secretary Tina Herbert at 435-538-1575 to add your child to the waiting list.

  2. When openings become available you will
    be contacted.

Student Tuition Schedule

  • 2 days per week(Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday)

  • Morning classes: 9:15–11:45 am

  • Afternoon classes: 1:00–3:30 pm

  • Tuition is $70 per month

  • Full Year tuition paid by September 30—10% discount

  • BESD Employees—20% discount

  • District transportation is not provided

Children with Special Needs

Are you concerned about your child's developmental progress?

Do you feel that they might be behind with their speech, developmental progress or social skills?

As part of Child Find we conduct testing on a monthly basis during the school year to identify children who qualify for special education services. Contact Preschool Secretary Tina Herbert at 435-538-1575 to set up a testing date.

Children who qualify for special education services at the district preschool attend without tuition payments and will receive district transportation.

What is Child Find?

Children with special needs can often benefit from a number of therapies and, generally, the sooner they receive treatment, the better the outcomes will be. But, how do you know if a child needs help? The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires each state to implement early identification policies to locate and refer children who may have a disability to that state’s Early Intervention program (EI). Although IDEA is a federal law, each state sets its own EI policies and implements its own programs, much like Medicaid. Not all states will call it early intervention or EI, but states generally use similar terms meaning early identification and service for children with disabilities.

Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ)/Cuestionario de Etapas y Edades


Box Elder School District has partnered with the Utah Department of Health and Human Services to provide access to the ASQ screener online. 

Please click on the link below to complete as soon as possible.

You will notice on the demographic page, you are required to enter “weeks premature”. 

This is used to determine which screener is needed for children 24 months and younger. Please enter “0” on that line.

Follow this link:    


Box Elder School District se ha asociado con el Utah Department of Health and Human Services para proporcionar acceso a la prueba ASQ en línea. 

Por favor haga click en el enlace abajo para llenar el ASQ lo antes posible.

En la página demográfica, es obligatorio entrar “semanas prematuras”. 

Esto se usa para determinar cual de los ASQ se necesita para los niños menos de 24 meses. Por favor escriba un “0” en esa linea.

Sigue este link: