Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning (WBL) gives students the opportunity to learn a variety of skills by expanding the walls of classroom learning to include the community. By narrowing the gap between theory and practice, Work-Based Learning creates meaning for students.

WBL provides opportunities for students to learn a variety of skills through rigorous academic preparation with hands-on career development experiences. Under the guidance of adult mentors, students learn to work in teams, solve problems, and meet employers’ expectations.

One very popular WBL activity for seniors is internships. Businesses and students alike have very positive experiences with internships. Here are some WBL coordinator quotes:

"I always tell students that they are either going to love or hate their internship and I consider both a win-win situation. If they love it, they have motivation to continue to get the education they need and pursue that career path. If they hate it, we just saved them a lot of time and money by not pursuing that career anymore."

"The effectiveness of internships at our school is off the charts. Most if not all of the time, the students doing an internship will say that was the best course selection they could have made as a student here at BEHS."

If you are interested in a WBL experience, contact your WBL coordinator or your CTE teacher.

Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning Activities include:


  • Career Fairs

  • Field Studies

  • Guest Speakers

  • Job Shadows

    • Dentist/Orthodontist Offices

    • Department of Natural Resources

    • Veterinarian Clinics

    • Doctor's Offices

    • Elementary Schools

    • Malt-O-Meal

    • First District Courthouse

    • Lawyers

    • Dar’s Welding

    • Pediatrician Office

    • Diesel Mechanics

    • Hotel Management

    • Machine Shop

    • Bakery

    • Restaurant

    • Accounting

    • Film Production

    • Wildlife Management

    • Brigham Pediatrics

    • Sports and Family Chiropractic

    • Creekside Manufacturing

    • Auto Shops (Had a student interested in this, by the end of his internship he was hired. This was last year, and I believe he is still working there today.)

Work-Based Learning Activities include:

  • Job Shadows (cont.)

    • Smith and Edwards (I had a student interested in Agriculture Business so she went to Smith and Edwards and got to work a lot with the purchasing, accounting, and marketing departments.)

    • Bike Shop (This was in Logan and the student got to help with the LOTOJA. She helped setup, start the times of the racers, and put together packets for them.)

    • Valley View Granite (I had a student interested in CAD and he went to VVG and they told him if he continued his schooling in CAD he had a job waiting for him at VVG.)

    • Sierra Homes (This was for a student interested in CAD as well. He actually designed a house plan and got to pick the name of the plan!)

    • The list goes on and on!