Educational Support Professional (ESP) Job Opportunities

To apply for a ESP position in the Box Elder School District, please review the information below.

  1. Please review job opportunities listed below before applying.

  2. You are required to complete an application for each job position and/or location desired.

  3. Box Elder School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

  4. For In-District employees seeking different jobs, you must have been in your current position at least 6 months. The only exception is if your current position is a vouchered position (working under 25 hours) and you are seeking a contracted position (25 hours or more).

  5. If you desire to be a substitute for ESP Employees, please complete the appropriate application below based on your situation.

To apply, click on the appropriate application link below:

In-District Employees (applying for another position in the district)

Out of District Candidates (seeking employment in the district)

For questions, please contact the Human Resource Department at 435-734-4800, ext 1511 or email:

Kim Bott, Administrative Assistant - Human Resource:

Mark Taylor, Executive Director - Human Resource:

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