Teacher Recruiting

Each year we are in need of licensed elementary teachers that speak Chinese or Spanish fluently to teach in the Dual Immersion programs. If you are a teacher that speaks one of these languages fluently and you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact please call the Human Resource Director (District Office) at (435) 734-4800.

Requirements to Teach Dual-Immersion

To teach in the dual immersion program you must fulfill the following:

  1. Current Utah Educator License  For 2-teacher model programs a Secondary or Elementary license is acceptable. For a 1-teacher programs, the teacher must have an Elementary license.

  2. World Language Endorsement  This involves passing the Language Content Knowledge Praxis test and having a speaking proficiency rating of Advanced-Low.

  3. Dual Immersion Endorsement  Teachers must obtain this endorsement within 2 years of teaching. There are 4 methods for obtaining the endorsement. More information is available from the Utah State Board of Education. Teachers must also demonstrate an oral proficiency level of Advanced-Mid to obtain this endorsement.

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